Processing & Recycling Fluids Not Only Helps Environment, It Helps You Save Money Too

That being said, it becomes a sustainable development. The process fluids recycling milwaukee wi depot manages, tests and handles all industrial process fluids and fluid waste. It minimizes any impact on the environment. It does not matter whether solvent distillation processes or coolant recycling is taking place, not only is it saving your environment, it’s saving you money as well. The recycling process is near one hundred percent perfect.

It has the ability to help you cut your solvent purchases by as much as seventy-five percent. Equipment in use contributes to efficient recycling practices. The equipment in use is always maintained to as near as new. All recycling work is carried out at one central location. Recycling work has the ability to help industrial clients save as little as ten cents to their gallon. Customers or their service orientators do not need to transport hazardous materials over long distances and busy networks.

process fluids recycling milwaukee wi

This helps to further reduce the carbon footprint. Beginning the work process is as efficient as it is easy. Only after a full evaluation of industrial clients’ process and waste fluids have been made can a quotation of costs be given. Prior to that, customers place a work order by email, fax or phone. There is a same day shipment of in stock items, if required. But if additional parts and materials are required for the work, a window of no more than a week is given.

Confidence is instilled to the customers as well. A lifetime warranty is given on the use of heater elements. It is said that all returned equipment will realize a return on investment for customers at a rate of one to two years.

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